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About Us

Swoop is a multi-lingual source of intelligence about US international policy: political, military, financial and commercial.  Swoop adopts a unique approach: it is designed for global readers who need an accurate, objective and independent understanding of American intentions. Swoop puts their needs first.

Swoop cuts straight to the bottom line. It eliminates the background cacophony and identifies the essential dynamics of American foreign policy. In this way, Swoop provides its readers with the confidence they need to reach reliable judgments on the trajectory of American actions and how these may affect their interests.

Swoop is published on a weekly basis. In addition to English, Swoop appears in Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Swoop’s readers are found in governments, international organizations, multinational corporations, financial institutions, trading houses, think tanks, journalism and academe: anyone to whom an accurate understanding of American intentions is relevant.

Swoop is produced by the Washington Assessment and Analysis Service (WAAS). WAAS brings together seasoned practitioners – American and European – who enjoy insider access to the centers of power in Washington DC. Having occupied positions that afford them intimate knowledge of how US policies are formulated and how outcomes are determined, Swoop’s writers have established expertise in interpreting US positions to global audiences.

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