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The Shanghai Cooperation Organization: What Does it Mean for the US?

Published on: June 28th 2009 12:59:23
In earlier comment about the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, we have noted that US has been unconcerned about the rise of this regional organization in which it plays no part  More recently, the financial crisis has prompted US officials to pay greater heed to potentially rival entities such as the SCO. One official commented to us: “The fact that Brazil, Russia, India and China held an inaugural BRIC summit to coincide with the SCO meeting has got our attention.” Nonetheless, for the time being we expect that the US view will remain that the SCO is a regional talk-shop, rather than a serious anti-American front. The US will continue to watch the development of the SCO, but is doing so without any great expectation that the SCO will actually emerge into an alliance that will be able to challenge the US global alliance network. The US pays a great deal more attention to its bilateral relations with China and Russia. Here a policy of direct and detailed engagement is in operation. One aspect has become increasingly salient, namely the US dollar holdings. There is rising concern in Washington that efforts to diversify toward alternative currencies could put the dollar under severe stress. 

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